Adopting a Kitten

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For those thinking of adding a new four-legged companion to their life, it’s certainly an exciting time. However, it is also a huge decision to add a pet to the family. Having the right supplies on hand will make the transition easier for both operator and kitty. Here are the five most critical items to stock up on.

Kitten Food

Of course, a brand new cat needs food, but there are some important differences between what sorts of food to grab. Just like how it is improper to give a newborn baby a steak, there are some things in adult cat food which kittens aren’t prepared to digest. Kitten food also has the appropriate vitamins, a balance of protein and fat, and nutrients necessary to help a kitten get on the right track for development.

Flea Prevention

It’s especially important to catch flea prevention from the pet shop when the kitten is being introduced into an environment with adult cats. Even when the new addition is not spending time outdoors, if adult housemates are going in and out, they are bringing all the pesky bugs in with them.

While these are certainly beneficial, it is important to consider the nature of cats. They are semi-social creatures, but often demand a great deal of alone time, and the adjustment from a pound or shelter to a new home can be especially traumatic. Getting a specific hiding place, such as covered mattress with a small entrance or possibly a little box with a hole in it, can protect the kitty from being over stimulated. It may also prevent them from becoming lost in the home.

Carpet Stain Cleaner

The unfortunate fact is that while adopting a kitty could be great fun, messes and accidents come with the territory. Felines frequently urinate as a symptom of anxiety or anxiety, each of which can come from a new environment. Male kittens, even when neutered, often spray for a means to mark their territory. Owners who already have pets and are adding a kitty to the mix may even realize that their cats are urinating from the litter box as a consequence of the new member. Most of these displays will be lowered with time, but it is a good idea to have some high quality carpet stain cleaner on hand in the meantime.


Toys may not appear to be a necessity, but with a cat of a young age, they may be. Playing is a great way to release unwanted aggression and anxiety and to get healthy levels of exercise. Getting designated toys in the local pet store will also prevent kittens from playing harmful objects, like a loose string that could get lodged in their throats. Most importantly, playing with toys can provide time for an owner to bond with their new friend!

These five things will keep new felines stimulated and secure as they start to feel at home in their new surroundings. You’ll quickly see a reduction in the amount of Rat droppings around your property.

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